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At the 2013 American Anthropological Association

If you’re coming to the AAA this year, and you want to catch a paper by me, come to the Matt Tomlinson and Julian Millie organized panel, “The Monological Imagination,” which is being held on Wednesday, from 2 to 4 in the afternoon.  I’ll be giving a paper that is officially called “Divine Monologue and Sensual Heterogeneity: Prophecy, Authority, and Subjectivity in American Charismatic Christianity.” As per long-running tradition, my paper has almost entirely gotten away from this title, and who knows what I’ll actually call it when I give it.

Right after that, I’m the chair for Andreas Bandak’s “The Social Life of Prayer,” panel, running Wednesday from four to six. Like the “Monologue” panel, its for a great line-up, and well worth going to. I’ll just be playing traffic-cop there, though.