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Stuff I read today

So, since there is nothing more cold, gray, and in the ground than Tumblr as far as social media type things go these days, it seemed like an excellent time to open up a Tumblr page. It’s basically a list of stuff I read that day (excluding stuff for review, student papers, newspapers & journalism, social media, the back of cereal boxes, etc.).  If I read all, or even a substantial amount (ie., more than a few pages) I post it; books I’m working through I just post the first time. If I reread something, it gets posted twice. Also, audiobooks (which are great if you have to drive in Southern California) make it, too.

I have no idea who the audience is for this, or whether there is one. And I image I will more than likely get bored, or gradually forget to update the thing. But at least for now, the Tumblr page is there, in all its mundane glory.